The current situation has meant some changes from the way the allotments operate.

Current rules allow for visiting your allotment as part of what the government terms ‘daily exercise’ and the National Allotment Society’s guidelines covering the situation can be seen here: NSALG Guidelines

There still may be some plots available and we are still able to handle enquiries and can meet with potential plot-holders on-site, observing current distancing guidelines of course.  Please feel free to contact us through the website link.

Communal equipment, housed in the allotment shed, is currently unavailable to post-holders and path mowing is being carried out, when necessary, by a single willing volunteer.  It remains plotholders’ responsibility to maintain the edges of their plots and this is important as the mower does not work well on long grass.  Gates are being left open whilst potholders are in attendance to avoid having to touch them but late leavers are asked to shut them as normal.  Use of taps & shared hosepipes is obviously more difficult to monitor so please use common sense – using gloves/wipes as necessary and remember that washing your hands thoroughly as soon as possible after leaving the allotments is vitally important.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact us through the website link.