This is when the allotment year really gets going, the evenings are longer and the sun is making itself felt.

Harvest the last of the asparagus and it’s the best time for ‘baby’ globe artichokes and turnips.

If the weather is mild now is the time to start sowing things outdoors, but choose wisely or make sure you have some cover – cloches etc, otherwise continue sowing indoors for now – this is the time when windowsill space starts to look like a jungle…

Harden off any seedlings.

Plant the last of your seed potatoes.

Keep an eye on weather forecasts for any late frosts – protect tender plants with cloches, fleece or even newspaper.

Start to weed regularly – they appear overnight especially if there has been some rain. ┬áSnail and slug patrol after any rain showers can also help protect your new crops. ┬áLater in the month look at netting fruit bushes to protect them from birds – a gooseberry crop can be decimated overnight.