What is a lug?

The plots on Lightpill Allotments are measured out in ‘lugs’. ┬áThe standard measurement for allotments is ‘rods’ or ‘poles’, both equating to 30.25 square yards.

The term ‘lug’ is an even older one and, so far, I have been unable to find any definitive information about it but a Heritage Centre I spoke to said that a ‘lug’ was about 40 square metres.

Further confusion, another old text (here) states that a ‘lug’ is a linear length, not a measure of area, equivalent to just over 5 metres.

The latest theory I’ve been told is that a lug was an arbitrary unit that varied with different allotment societies, probably because an actual definition had never been written down/passed on.

However, if anyone can point me in the direction of the definitive answer then please contact me (john@southmillhouse) and in the meantime I shall start enquiries as to whether we can move to metric sizes, as recommended by the National Allotment Society.