Our local badgers and where they are coming from

We all know the damage that badgers can, and do, cause on the allotments, but we have to remember that they have been using this area a lot longer than we have so it is a matter of learning to live with them.

A number of allotmenteers are under the mistaken impression that they access the site from over the wall of South Mill House, but I can firmly state that their means of access is from the other end of the allotments, probably from the unused plot of land at the far side, you can see tracks if you make the effort to look carefully.

The footprints on the walls are from our cat, other local moggies and a rather well-fed fox - check the paw-print size if you wish.

I have taken night-time videos of the badgers' shenanigans - they are there around 3am every morning if you want to catch them, and they definitely come from the northerly direction, the fox is around even in the daytime.


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